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What Do I Do If I Get Laid Off?

Contact the Hall to get on the out-of-work list. Then file for your Unemployment. Calling the Hall once per calendar month to check in is mandatory to keep your name on the list. If you are not working everyday and are collecting unemployment for the other days, you need to be on the out-of-work list. Just let us know you are on a temporary reduction of force or are on standby.

How Do I Get Signed Up With Local 348?

There are two options. The first is the Laborers Apprenticeship program,to apply you must be over 18 years of age, have a current valid Drivers License and have completed at lease the 10th grade in High School. For more information on the program, go to or come into one of the offices. The applications must be picked up in person. The second option is to register on our out-of-list for a monthly fee. We fill job calls with our signatory contractors from our list based on certifications, skills and where the job is. Whether you would get called out on a job or not is based on those things. If you are interested in registering on the out-of-work list, please visit one of the offices.

Who Do I Contact If I Have A Problem On The Job?

Contact the Union Hall in Richland, Wenatchee or Yakima to talk to one of the agents.

Who Do I Contact If I Want To Take A Class

If you are an apprentice you need to contact the Apprenticeship School at Kingston at 800-554-4457. If you are a journeyman you will need to contact the Richland Hall.

Who Do I Talk To Regarding My Medical Benefits And Pension?

If you have questions regarding medical benefits, eligibilty, credit union money, or the Western Washington Pension, contact Zenith American Solutions at 800-826-2102. If you have questions about the Eastern Washington Pension, contact Zenith American Solutions at 800-522-2403.

Who Do I Contact If I Lose My Certification Cards?

If you lose your asbestos card, you must request a replacement from the State of Washington, Department of Labor & Industries here. If you have lost your Laborers membership card, contact the Hall at 509-420-4581. If you lose your flagging, forklift, etc. cards, you will need to contact the Training School at 800-240-9112.

How Do I Update My Address And Phone Number?

To update your information, contact the office or email us at or you can update in the MTP app. To update your information for medical benefits, please call Zenith American Solutions at 800-826-2102.